You can order all of our tried and trusted ducted fan accessories in our Online Shop

You can order all of our tried and trusted ducted fan accessories in our Online Shop

Secure Fan Fix

Our Secure Fan Fix is an approved mounting system delivering an easy and save possibility to mount the ducted fan to the fuselage. It is adhered by means of a high-strength epoxy adhesive. With the Fan Fix the ducted fan is held securely in its centre of gravity.

Inlet Lips

For installation of our ducted fans with a so-called open-duct system we offer super lightweight CFRP inlet lips. This ensure a stallfree air intake in the fuselage. Our in-fuse inlet lips for the Schübeler ducted fans are available in the following diameter sizes: 69mm, 85mm, 90mm, 93 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm und 128 mm

Adapter Rings

For a simplified installation of the thrust tubes we offer adapter rings for all sizes of the ducted fans from 69mm to 128mm.


For our ducted fans we offer a range of highly efficient but inexpensive motors. These were developed in-house and has been validated and optimised by means of several measurement series. Winding of the motors is also part of our in-house manufacturing. You can purchase our motors on their own (e.g. for our HDS fans) or in a complete setup (HST complete package). Furthermore, we also offer motors by Tenshock, HET, and TP if requested.


Referring to the ESCs we follow the approach: no experiments! That is why we offer high-quality ESCs by YGE as well as MGM. With those we have made best experience for years.

Polyimide Tape

The polyimide tape is heat resistant and enables professional confectioning of the (LIPO-) battery packs, isolation of speed controllers and all parts that might turn hot. We offer 1 inch tape, 25.4mm width and 1/2 inch tape, 12.7mm width and it can be purchased on 33m rolls. An outstanding characteristic of polyimide tape is that it can be removed from all surfaces without residues.

Loctite Schraubensicherung

This screw locking device ensures that screws in the ducted fan's power unit always stay in place. However, screws are still easily removable with usual tools.

Wiring Accessories

We offer highly flexible silicone cables, gold contact plugs as well as shrinking hoses in all necessary sizes.

Safety Connector System 6mm

We now offer a safety plug system for the connection between battery and controller. Plug and socket are designed for currents up to max. 700A and are equipped with a locking mechanism for maximum insertion force. The first break point secures the system. It is not possible to unloose the connection in this position. The second locking point opens the connection. Plug and socket can be seperated from each other. We recommend this plug-in system for all high current connections from 100A. The total weight amounts to 35g.

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