"We move things really fast but we use a reasonable amount of energy."

Schübeler began as a sole company in 1997, motivated by the desire to make a perfect ducted fan. The aim was to build high-quality electric propulsion systems for aeromodelling not in existence at that time. While plenty of interest quickly surfaced, in 2012, Schübeler was still purchasing all their electric motors from a third-party supplier. They decided to create everything in-house, to control the quality through every step in the process. With their new design, Schübeler was able to move a large amount of air quickly with a reasonable amount of energy. There will always be a need for highly efficient and robust propulsion systems, and Schuebeler has a solid track record in providing the highest quality systems available.


EDF-Treffen Effeln
from 31. August 2019 until 01. September 2019 - 17:00
Jetpower Messe
from 13. September 2019 until 15. September 2019 - 17:00


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